30 days of internet shutdown last year, cost #Ethiopia $8,539,355 of its GDP



A recent study by  the U.S. think tank, Brookings Institute, found that at least 30 days of internet shutdown last year cost Ethiopia’s GDP $8,539,355.

The study analysed only one instance of an internet shut down in Ethiopia.

The estimate for Ethiopia is still a conservative estimate and did not delineate if it studied regional shutdowns, app shutdown or mobile shut down.

The researchers analyzed the economic impact of temporary internet shutdowns. It examined 81 short-term shutdowns in 19 countries over the past year (see Appendix for news stories describing these shutdowns); identified their duration, scope, and the population affected; and estimated their impact on Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Based upon this analysis, it found that between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, these shutdowns cost at least US$2.4 billion in GDP globally.

Conservative estimates of economic losses include $968 million in India, $465 million in Saudi Arabia, $320 million in Morocco, $209 million in Iraq, $116 million in Brazil, $72 million in the Republic of the Congo, $69 million in Pakistan, $69 million in Bangladesh, $48 million in Syria, $35 million in Turkey, and $20 million in Algeria, among other places.

Read the full report HERE.