Will the US give its $513,667,000 planned funding to Ethiopia next year?



America’s planned foreign assistance to Ethiopia for 2017 is $513,667,000.  Will the US be giving this money to Ethiopia given the political, human rights and undemocratic situation in the Country?

Last week, it was reported that many international investments were considering to stop doing business in Ethiopia until the human rights and instability improves. There are also reports that the European Commission said “no money from its Emergency Trust Fund for Africa will go to either the Ethiopian government or governmental agencies.”

Ethiopian civic organisations have also started lobbying the US and EU to sanction certain sectors of the Ethiopian government economic units and issue a travel ban against selected human rights abusing government officials.

There is the US election too.

Amidst such an international scenario and a local state, where over 700 protesters have been killed in Oromia and Amhara regions since November 2015, will the US give this fund to the Ethiopia next year?

The whole data for Ethiopia can be accessed here.