Thank you! Donation distributed!




At the beginning of the month, we had launched an online fund raising campaign on GoFundMe to support the families of jailed Ethiopian writers and bloggers for New Year; but the fund raising program was not completed until the end of the month due to various reasons.

First of all, soon after we launched this campaign, several Ethiopian activist and media focused fund raisers were launched, thus we had to compete. Secondly, there were technical glitches and confusions with the account and the account was inactive for nine days.  After the account was back on, the amount raised was meager.

Despite this, through the online scheme of electronic fund raising a total of 3640 Euro was raised from the targeted Euro 10K goal and the net transfer excluding the charges from the fund raising website was E3200. This amount has been divided by six and has been distributed to the families of six journalists and writers jailed in Ethiopia (whose names are mentioned in the fund campaign message).

They have thanked everyone of you.

The amount they received cannot even buy them two lambs in the current economic climate but it at least shows that there are many people who care and think about each of them on a daily basis.

This GoFundMe account has now been closed. In the next few weeks, we will be launching another fund raising campaign with more team members, better organisation, learning from previous mistakes and setting a realistic goal.

Although the permanent solution is having a nation which doesn’t arrest every critical writer and the medium term solution is establishing a permanent Funding Agency that looks after the families of detained writers and journalists, when they are in similar dire conditions, we will keep fund raising until they are freed. Pity that there is no media council or association of such a mission in the country.

We would like to thank everyone of you who contributed and particularly three people who helped starting from the account creation, facilitation and distribution.

God bless and many many thanks!