Ethiopian Press Agency eyes ties with Turkish media


70-year-old media house renews ties with Turkey’s Anadolu Agency

Ethiopian Press Agency eyes ties with Turkish media

By Addis Getachew


Turkey’s Anadolu Agency cemented ties with Ethiopia in a renewed media deal with the Horn of Africa country’s news service on Monday.

Anadolu Agency’s Africa representative, Ibrahim Tigli, signed a renewal with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), a 70-year old state-owned media house.

Tigli signed the agreement with EPA General Manager Sebsibe Kebede with whom he exchanged views on issues related to media partnership.

Upon signing the agreement, Sebsibe said his agency had widely used Anadolu Agency’s news and image products since the start of their partnership two years ago, including reports in English and Arabic.

“The agreement will enable us to widen the scope of readership for Anadolu Agency, which has already made its presence very much felt among the Ethiopian media fraternity and among the public too,” Sebsibe said. “Now we want to revamp our ties with Turkish media houses.”

Tigli said the two countries had enjoyed historic relations for centuries.

“We are delighted now to work in partnership with the Ethiopian media,” he said, adding Anadolu Agency had demonstrated its interest in working with Ethiopia, the seat of the African Union, by opening an office three years ago in the capital city, Addis Ababa.