Dutch companies anger directed against Ethiopian regime, long terms solution not military intervention



A minute from a meeting held yesterday at the Dutch Embassy in Addis Abeba Ethiopia between Dutch companies investing in Ethiopia and the Embassy shows that most of the companies directed their anger against the Ethiopian government and they believe that the long terms solution to the instability is a “political solution rather than military intervention.”

A google translation of the minute is attached below:

September 2, 2016
shared information
- There dominate major concerns in the Dutch business community in Ethiopia about the current unrest
in Ethiopia. Anger directed against the government, but foreign investment
seen as symbols of the government and thus run a risk.
- In Bahir Dar four Dutch companies have been attacked by protesters. the four
affected companies Esmeralda, TAL flowers, Arini and Sola Grow. The first two are almost
totally destroyed.
- The fifth Dutch company around Bahir Dar is not affected, and the Dutch farm
manager has safely left the farm.
- Among the companies present it is felt the need for a political solution to the long
term to ensure stability. The sentiments among people seem too strong
to be suppressed, so that a military intervention is not a sustainable solution.
- Involving the community in the company is a tactic to increase safety,
but this is not always a guarantee. Protesters can from outside the local community
- The protests seem at first to be established through Facebook and Twitter. because
nternet in Bahir Dar is closed for four weeks, the organization of protests since running
through word-of-mouth information and telephone contact.
- The ENLBA will appoint a spokesperson to liaise with the media.
What does the Dutch Embassy in Ethiopia?
- The embassy is monitoring the situation closely watched in different areas. This
done through the network of businesses and other contacts, other embassies and the
Ethiopian authorities.
- There is talk with the Ethiopian authorities at the highest level to express the concerns. The
Embassy amplifies the sound of the Dutch business community in Ethiopia vis-a-vis the
Ethiopian authorities.
- The embassy maintains direct contact with the Dutch companies in Ethiopia, inter alia through
This briefing. It is for the Embassy of great importance to information to
acquisition of businesses.
 It is for the Embassy of great importance to information to
acquisition of businesses.
- The embassy is at the invitation of Prime Minister's Office, as soon as the security situation
permitting, visit the affected farms.
- The embassy will work to organize a meeting shortly with the
Dutch business community in Ethiopia and Ethiopian dignitary.
What can Dutch companies do?
- It's Dutch companies recommended in Ethiopia to close contact with workers
stand to be well informed of what is happening in their own communities.
- Companies are urged to provide information on (possible) unrest in nearby
sharing environment with the embassy.