Bahir Dar and Gonder restart third General Strike



The cities of Bahir Dar and Gonder have restarted a third citywide general /stay at home strike against the government. Like the past two cases, businesses, shops, and all public services have been closed. Transportation has also been unavailable.

Images coming from the regions show deserted streets.



Gonder 19/9/2016 – Photo Credit Social Media sources

The current protest will continue until the end of the week.

Government securities and the military were ordering the residents to come out of their houses or face closures.

Protests in Ethiopia first started 10 months ago in the Oromo region of Ethiopia has now spread to Amhara region and Konso areas of Southern Ethiopia.

Government forces killed over 700 mostly young protesters so far.

Although the initial causes of the protests were governance and justice related problems in the regions, it has now completely become a call for the government to step down.

The ruling Front EPRDF recently meet to discuss the instability and the protests in the Country but has not made any major reform but decision to conduct an “in depth rehabilitation.”

The government believes it has now “controlled the protests.”

With the beginning of the new academic year and opening of schools and universities this month, there are rumors that the protests could flare and students may join.