Why #OromoProtest #AmharaProtest? Socio-scientific historic root causes



Why #OromoProtest #AmharaProtest? The following MA thesis at the University of South Africa (UNISA) published in 2012 by Tesema Dagnew critically had analyzed the state of Ethiopians frustration and what could lead to an “uncontrollable chaos” studying the  socio-scientific historic root causes.

Over 200 pages, the thesis analyses the total monopolization of the Ethiopian state under one ethno-regional group and what this could lead to.

It is attached here! [highlight]The root causes of the protest[/highlight]

Another book also worth looking at is Ethiopia: A Post-Cold War African State by Theodore M. Vestal Ph.D. Published in 1999, the book deeply investigates the earlier years of the current regime and where its policies could lead the country to. Available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Ethiopia-Post-Cold-War-African-State/dp/0275966100, the Vestal’s analysis distinctly forecasts the coming of #OromoProtest and #AmaraProtest.