When Ethiopians get power on shift, Ethiopian gov’t to export 400mw electric to Tanzania


Editor’s Note: Ethiopia has not achieved self sufficiency in power supply. Worse than the years of the previous administration, the current day Ethiopia has a huge power outage problems. Industries, hospitals and residents often complain about lack of power. Addis Abeba, the capital city experiences blackout at least once a day. In such a state of affairs, the Ethiopian government is going to sign a deal with Tanzania next week to export power. Ironic!

Ethiopia, Tanzania set to sign power transmission pact

Addis Ababa  August 26/2016 Tanzania has joined the group of countries purchasing power from Ethiopia.

The country will sign a 400 megawatts power purchase agreement with Ethiopia in the coming weeks, announced Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

The latest deal between Ethiopia and Tanzania goes beyond power selling as it also fosters economic integration, according to CEO of EEP Engineer Azeb Asnake.

The power transaction will create further economic integration between Tanzania and Kenya as the latter sits between Ethiopia and Tanzania, the CEO told ENA.

“Because when Tanzania gets electric power from Ethiopia, it has to pass through Kenya,” she said.

“When two countries are integrated economically, then they have to watch out for their political relationship as well.”

Ethiopia has been exporting electricity to neighboring countries like Djibouti and Sudan, and the transmission line to Kenya is under installation.

Ethiopia has also signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Burundi, Rwanda and other countries who showed interest to import energy from Ethiopia, Azeb indicated.

Ethiopia is endowed with abundant renewable energy resources including untapped geothermal, solar and wind energy.

Figures show that the country has 45,000 exploitable hydropower potential, with huge potential in other clean energy sources.

By 2037, Ethiopia aspires to have a total installed generation capacity of 37,000 MWs that makes it a major power exporter.

Source: ENA