Ruling EPRDF Executive Committee issues resolutions: nothing new – Oromia protest ignored, Welkait to be dealt by Tigray region



After evaluating the past 15 years journey and current political instability for the past four days, Ethiopia ruling EPRDF Executive Committee has today announced its resolutions which contained no major reform. The gist of the resolution is that it has decided to fight corruption and abuse of state power within itself.

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EPRDF said the current grievances are the results of our economic development and success, which increased further needs. But it has asked the public to work with the Front to solve its grievances and requests.

The statement was read on the state owned EBC Tv after the prime time news.

It has decided to work on removing corruption. EPRDF has confirmed that the government has realized that there has been a view within its system which has viewed government position as an arbitrary personal enrichment.

The Welakit issue should be dealt with according to the regional laws of the Tigray region, it has decided.

Finally, the Front called appreciated the actions of its security forces so far and called on them to continue taking measures against anti-peace elements.

The resolution did not say anything about the protests in Oromia region or answer any of the questions.

It has not apologized to the over 600 Ethiopian victims killed in recent protests. There was no statement of national reconciliation, dialogue or compromise with the people or opposition forces.

No reshuffles, demotion or purge was announced. The Front is incapable of making bold decisions, the officials fear each other since all have been involved in various types of corrupt practices.