More towns and subrubs in Amhara region engulfed by anti-government protests



Anti government protests in Ethiopia are spreading across regions and localities. Today, smaller countries, towns and even villages have joined the protest in Amhara region of Northern Ethiopia today.

According to Diaspora based Ethiopian media outlets, new protests have flared in Maksegnit, Gedebye, and Infraz towns of Gonder.

In Bure,Jiga and Mankusa areas of Gojjam, protests also started with government properties attacked and roads blocked. The road leading to Shire, Tigray region of Ethiopia from Gonder has also been closed by protesters.

There are reports of armed clashes between Tigary region Special Force and residents of near  hinterlands to Abrehajira and Abdurafi, Gonder.

 There also unconfirmed reports of smaller suburbs and municipalities in Gonder, Gojjam, Northern Shewa and Oromia regions being liberated and administered by the residents.