More anti-government protests planned in Ethiopia



Ethiopian activists inside and outside the Country are preparing more protests in the coming weeks and months, sources reveal. Regional capital cities, towns and rural municipals are going to be part of the anti-government protests mainly in Oromia and Amhara regions.

There are reports appearing on online media outlets announcing protests in cities and towns of the Amhara regional state such as Wello, Finote Selam, Debre Markos and more.

Chairman of the Ethiopia opposition Movement, Patriotic Ginbot 7, Professor Berhanu Nega, this week called Ethiopians to continue the protests against the government. Oromo activists based in the US also stated that the protests will continue.

The current protests in Ethiopia in the Oromia and Amhara regions are led by the local people and activists.

Protesters sought the release of detained opposition activists, journalists, human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience. The protesters also called for freedom, and equality. Recent protests called for a change of government when in Amhara region, the protests focused on the Welkait Amhara Identity issue.

Meanwhile, the Amhara Mass Media Agency reported that government institutions and vehicles have completely been burned down by protesters in Dembiya Woreda of Northern Gonder. Similarly, the Amhara regional media aired views from the region’s residents, who said the way the Federal government handled the conflicts and the manner it broadcast it has “fueled the violence.” The residents appreciated the leadership of the Amhara region and the manner it addressed the protests – indicating a tension between the regional officials and the Federal government.

Amhara regional media and the State TV EBC are airing reports that denounce the use of social media and calls for end of protests by religious figures.