Gov’t breaks down in 5 zones of Amhara region as protests intensify



The Ethiopian government’s administration has broken down in at least five zonal areas of the Amhara region of Ethiopia as anti-government protests intensify in many more localities and municipalities of the region.


Netizens from the area and Diaspora based media outlets reported that protesters were calling for the government to step down shouting “we will never be governed by the Woyanes.” Current national flags bearing the star emeblem in the middle were replaced with the clean Green Yellow Red flags.

Clashes were also reported in Bahir Dar city of the regional state as government securities attacked “stay away” general strikers. At least four civilians have been reportedly killed by securities and several injured. Properties and businesses belonging to the ruling Front or affiliated to it, were attacked. Roads were also blocked.

In Agew Mider, Injibara, at least six protesters were killed and 20 wounded.

Janamora, Belesa, Yiilmana Densa, Durbete, Andabet, and Farta zones and municpalities in of Gojam and Gonder of the Northern Amhara region have been reportedly liberated and are now being governed by an assmembly of chief of chiefs (community leaders) publicly elected by the protesters. The state power has broken down in these areas.

At least a dozen of Federal police officers have been ambushed by farmers in Northern Gonder, according to ESAT Television.