EPRDF Council with retired veterans starts a second Evaluation of past 15 Years


EPRDF Council Starts Evaluation of 15 Year Reform Journey

Addis Ababa August  24/2016 The Council of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has started evaluating its 15 years journey on the path of reform.

The evaluation started in the presence of members of the council and other pertinent senior leaders of the party today.

The reform path covered in the past 15 years will be evaluated in depth so as to identify successes and ensure continuity as well as to rectify problems by struggling for the attainment of popular commitments and focus on the continuity of the renaissance journey in a consolidated fashion, it was indicated.

EPRDF Council is hierarchically the next powerful body after the General Assembly.

Thus, it is expected to pass resolutions that fundamentally and radically solve problems on the bases of the evaluations of the Executive Committee.

Besides, the regular meeting will evaluate the performance of the first year of the Second Growth and Transformation Plan.

Accordingly, the council is expected to assess the strengths and good performances in the year in order to sustain the achievements and set direction to rectify weaknesses and shortcomings.

The council will also discuss the plans of the organization and the government for this Ethiopian fiscal year, a press release of the Office of EPRDF stated.

Source: ENA