De Birhan Editorial: Wind of Change Blowing, Time Up Ethiopia



A wind of change is blowing in Africa’s second most populous, strategic and historic country. Popular uprising that began nine months ago and has been quelled by government security forces several times, is now increasing and continuing instead of being abated. The rise of the Amhara and Oromo youths in Ethiopia would not be quelled even if the current regime was changed tomorrow; they will be rising whenever the Country treats them unfairly, corrupts, represses and dictates. No one can resist the tendency unless and until the questions are answered.  The dialectical materialism and the metamorphosis of the TPLF/EPRDF led regime has completed its process and deserves moulder.

Ethiopia is hosting regional peace talks in Addis Abeba and the world is ignoring the host as if it was all going sound and normal. It is not. The level of anger and frustration in the regions of the Country is indescribable   But, we assure you that a wind of change is coming to Ethiopia. The current politico-economic regime will change – soon! It is also a prophesy not just a scientific analysis of history and the present. Will all clear up.

Before July 2014, when our co-blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu, was detained, we did embark on a research to study what sort of change would happen in Ethiopia if people had risen up the next day. The study was aborted due to his arrest, which happened as soon as we began collecting the marriage relationships of Ethiopian security  officials within the sector – 90% of whom hail from one ethno-regional grouping, equivalent of the Syria’s Alawites, but preliminary propositions and findings showed that the process could cost the nation and the region a lot.

Since November 2015 around 600 protesters in the Oromia and Amhara regions of Ethiopia have been killed by government security forces, many of them youths under the age of 27.

The tensions in the diplomatic circles, the tensions between regional governments versus Federal government, purged Defense generals cum serving commanders versus the federal political leadership, rebel forces versus the government and the self-organised public versus the regime have reached an alarming rate.

Solution is: international powers with the political, diplomatic and economic leverage should not wait until things get out of hand but immediately facilitate discussions of “transition” with all stakeholders on/in Ethiopia!

As always we say prevention is better than…