Bahir Dar Protests, updates despite complete tele, internet shutdown



After the Oromo and Gonder prortests yesterday, Bahir Dar, 558km North of Addis Abeba, has protested today in the city. Despite total shutdown of internet and telecommunication in Ethiopia since yesterday, images and videos of the protests are appearing on social media. We share some of them aggregating from various sources:

Most of the slogans focused on the Welkait Amhara Identity issue and called for the release of  Colonel Demeke Zewde, detained leader of the Identity Committee. Other protest slogans lambasted the Prime Minister and another Kassa Teklebirhan, who is a head of the regional Party accused of siding with the Tigrean Liberation Front. There were placards calling for the release of Ethiopian-Brit opposition politician Andargachew Tsige, and another one asked”What does a Tigrean Liberation Front do in Ethiopia?”