After 4 days of closed meet; Ethiopia’s ruling EPRDF makes no reform

EPRDF Passes Resolutions to Bolster Rights and Benefits of the People

Note: EPRDF’s EC met for the past four days in a closed door to review past 15 years and current instability, their communique has nothing new: fighting chauvinism. 

Addis Ababa August 22/2016 The Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front has passed today resolutions that remove the challenges which threaten the developmental democratic system and bolster the rights and benefits of the people.

In a communiqué issued at the conclusion of its regular meeting this evening, the executive committee hailed the achievements attained during the past 15 years and identified abuse of office for private gains as one of the challenges the developmental democratic system has been facing. This has been the source of bitterness among the public, it added.

Therefore, the abuse of power for personal gains in whatever proportion and level is wrong and should be curtailed, the executive committee stressed, adding that additional measures would be taken in this regard.

According to the communiqué, the executive committee has decided that all the necessary measures be taken to investigate all areas where such tendencies are observed and take corrective measures to sustain the strength and cleanliness of the organization.

In this regard, the executive committee has vowed to firmly fight against narrow nationalism and chauvinism, which are the manifestations of dependency, within it by preparing detailed plans.

EPRDF sees with great respect the struggle the people have waged to point out the weaknesses among the party and government bodies by withstanding pessimism and trusting the development and democratic rays of hope shinning in the country.

Though the correlation that remained imbalanced between the organization and the leadership in government prevented the voice of the peoples from being heard loudly and the resolutions of their problems quickly, the persistent struggle all the peoples of the country took part in for the elimination of problems in their localities have served as strong foundations for the reforms the executive committee has taken, the communiqué stated.

The party that has from the very outset decided to build a democratic and developmental government knows the existence of incessant temptation among some people in a transition economy to abuse of power for personal gains, it added.

Having realized that all the peoples of Ethiopia are against persons that abuse government power for their personal prosperity as they endanger their hopes and dreams, EPRDF has without blaming any other third party begun activities to take corrective measures within the government and party framework.

The activities will be consolidated and implemented with reform programs that are expected early in the Ethiopian budget year.

The executive committee reiterated that even if we were not able to create full satisfaction among the peoples due to the obstacles faced, it is certain that the hurdles will be tackled and sustainable growth ensured as long as the people strengthen the struggle against dependency and staunchly realize the reform program designed by the party.

The executive committee finally called on the people to further consolidate their peaceful and legal struggle so that the reform movement and effort for renaissance would be realized.

The meeting of the executive committee took place from August 18-22, 2016.

Source: ENA