STAVIMER/Phenomenal Social Network and Online Talent Showcase.


Stavimer is the upcoming hot tech startup from Ethiopia launching their website on beta this summer. It defines itself as a beautiful way to share and discover talents from friends and nearby. The name Stavimer came from words “Stamp fever” The founders gave this name trusting that the users will be excited about the new feature they innovated called Stamp.

Stavimer is an entertainment networking site that enables it’s users to share and discover skills from friends and people are nearby in a beautiful, fun and fast way missioned is to link the entertainment world more. It aims to create a community oriented online entertainment. Its Target audiences are individuals interested in entertainment, starting out artists in any field and Entertainment shows.

It makes its users to be able to be discover art and talents with their own specific chosen interest, in recruiting for new upcoming artists for their projects delivering a better way to write on video and picture content the users share online.

Stavimer is a free service and its service will be available on website, ios and android. You have to have internet connection to use it just as you have to have internet access to use any online service like Google, Facebook or Youtube.

On the current social Medias, there is one major problem: Noise. It is very daunting to discover entertainment which you are more likely to care about, in an easy manner. Stavimer is far less noisy. Say you want to find a talented person for the next movie you’ll be producing, the chances of filtering a good fit are very slim on Facebook or Youtube but the odds of filtering a good fit is higher when it comes to Stavimer.


About the Developers:


Amanuel Lemma and his team, are 4th year students at Addis Ababa University. They started working on this project in their dormitory.

On one Sunday evening, Co-founder Amanuel was sitting with his father watching a TV show; and on the program, there was a discussion going about how much the film industry is lacking good actors & how the good ones are being repetitive. Being fascinated on the topic, he turned to his dad and said “They can simply solve this by creating online network to discover new artists, you know?” his dad replied “Yeah! That could be done but, this region is very young to technology”. Yet, Amanuel felt very optimistic about the future of technology and internet access in the country. That night Amanuel went to his room and enthusiastically started sketching his new idea: the online creative network. That same year, on the summer of 2014, while travelling to Northern Ethiopia to relish the Ethiopian highlands with his mother, Amanuel met with a taxi driver and had a chat with him. He got very fascinated by how the driver was able to express every emotion of his with comedy. Gazing in amazement, Amanuel asked the Driver “Why haven’t you gone to theatrical arts or something related with comedy?” Expecting an answer that will come out of the driver’s mouth to hopefully make him giggle again. Unfortunately, the taxi driver suddenly got the severe face, redirected his gaze from the driving road and then said to Amanuel “Where do you find the connections?” They both got silent for seconds. With a better solution in mind, Amanuel Paid and got off the taxi, without saying anything as he was close to his destination. He exchanged contacts with the driver hoping to encounter with him again. When he went back home after summer, the conversation he had with the driver was still steady in his head. Consequently, He started building an online network to link talented individuals with audience with his dormitory friends at Addis Ababa University and eventually the project got incubated by the innovation hub, Iceaddis.

“There are many talented individuals in Africa in areas such as fashion, music, dance, arts and literature that we see on existing social Medias and video sharing platforms. However, it is highly probable for them to get overshadowed by famous celebrities. Stavimer is filling that gap.”  Said the cofounder Natnael Zeleke

“We saw the demand for what we are building in the global market as well. After we gained enough momentum from focusing on the local market, we will scale to tap into the global market. ” said co-founder Amanuel Lemma

Stavimer is launching this summer in the month of, what we call in habesha “Hamle”. It is that season in which many college and high school students will have a free time and have courage to explore their talents, spend time doing unique things and entertain themselves.

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