New Book to Learn Ethiopian Geez Language – Ge’ez Baqallalu: Kanamuna Dersatochu Gara (Amharic Edition)


Ge‘ez Baqallalu. Kanamuna Dersatochu Gara, which translates as “[Learning] Ge‘ez in a Simplified Way, with Samples of its Literature,“ is a textbook for the study and instruction of Ge‘ez by and to students of all ages and proficiency levels. Ge‘ez is the ancient written language of Ethiopia and is the language that was used by both state and church from the introduction of Christianity to Ethiopia during the Aksumite era (4th century AD) onwards. Over the last two millennia, Ethiopian monks, scholars and historians have produced a rich trove of Ge’ez literature that is critical to any study of Ethiopian history. As a result, although Amharic replaced Ge’ez for state purposes in the 18th century, Ge’ez remains an important language for Ethiopian studies.