Eritrea based Afar rebel group refutes return reports



Sudan Tribune online had reported that the Afar People’s Party (APP) had “returned home abandoning an arms struggle in pursuit of peace.”

The medium also added :

The leader of the opposition group Alo Aydahis and some 400 of its fighters laid down their arms and returned home after years of exile in arch- foe Eritrea.

However, a press release published on on July 19, 2016 stated that the alleged reports of peace talks were being conuducted by few individuals and members known for collaborating with the Addis Abeba regime. The report said “These individuals are well known among Afars not only for their erratic and self-absorbed behaviors but also as collaborators with the repressive and tyrannical Woyane regime.”

APP asserted that it will continue to struggle against the Ethiopian government and listed three main points to clear the air:

  • Factually no meeting has been held in Saudi Arabia with the Ethiopian government. Our organisation is transparent and any decision made will be communicated publicly both to the Afar people and our allies.
  • APP would like to reassure activists, our supporters and our political allies to ignore this politically motivated news stunt and reject a blatant propaganda with aim to divert attention from the ongoing struggle for freedom and justice.
  • APP is against the ongoing repression, land grabbing, human rights abuse and looting of natural resource by the regime and its affiliates, while the majority Afars are lingering in an absolute poverty. Our people deserves better and we have a cause to die for, but no reason to negotiate with dictators while the repression and killings are taking place in Afar, Gondar, Oromia, Ogaden and elsewhere in Ethiopia.

APP is among several Afar ethnic group and Ethiopian rebel groups that are fighting against the current government in Ethiopia.