Ethiopia’s Gov’t Com Minister Heckled in Germany by activists



Ethiopia’s Minister for Government Communication Affairs Office, Getachew Reda, has been heckled at Hilton Hotel, Germany, where he was staying by who are believed to be Ethiopian rights activists today.

Eritrea has been accusing Ethiopia since yesterday and even there were reports of heavy fights although no one from the Ethiopian side confirmed but the Ethiopian Minister was seen drinking coffee and reading a newspaper in the hotel’s lounge.

One of the hecklers is heard saying “Do you know who this is?” and the Minister responds “Eskinder Nega.”

Getachew is seen leaving his seat and moving to the balcony and inviting the hecklers for a cup of coffee. The hecklers refuse  and hurl slogans and names calling him a “dictator,  genocider, fascist and criminal.”

One of the hecklers says “You cannot even administer your own family let alone a country. Who did you sleep with last night?”

The Minister quickly answers back saying “Dirty!”

The heckler continues saying “Dirty you! Who did you sleep with last night? You think we did not see you? We will even post it on Facebook. You come here and engage in infidelity. ”

At this point the Minister is seen walking away from the protesters and talking to the hotel receptionists when the amateur video stops.

It is understood that Getachew Reda is a married man with children but whether he came to Germany with his family or alone is yet unclear.

De Birhan has learned that the Minister is now back in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia and is set to give a press conference on “current issues” tomorrow in Addis Abeba.

Today’s incident has been reported by the Diaspora based ESAT Television.

The raw video can be watched here