Co-blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu’s appeal postponed to July 6




De Birhan‘s Co-Blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu has spent 715 days in an Ethiopian Prison. Now he is in Zeway Prison. 140 kms from Addis Abeba after he was sentenced to five years and two months jail on May 10, 2016 by Ethiopian government’s Lideta Federal High Court for  allegedly “trespassing Article 7 (1) of the 2009 Ethiopian Anti Terror Proclamation.

The court respected Zelalem’s right to appeal and thus his appeal was set to be heard on June 28, 2016 from Zeway Prison via a teleconference but it has now been postponed to July 6, 2016. De Birhan has learned that the TeleCourt system is not liked by many prisoners because the sessions are often interrupted due to power outages and technical glitches affecting the appeal processes.

An international organisation will soon start a campaign for Zelalem’s release.