Ethio Telecom Equipment Identity Registration Trial Begins


Ethio Telecom to start identity registration for mobile phones this week with the aim of controlling the importing of untaxed mobile phones. According to Reporter newspaper ETC first will be launching the mobile ID registration this week in its own employees.

As a trial, Ethio Telecom will start registering its employee’s telecom equipment’s as of the coming Monday up until April 14 2016, according to sources.

The telecom is using a technology called Equipment Identity Registration (EIR) a technology that is capable of registering your phone serial the moment you insert your SIM card and allowing the telecom to store the data in its own database.

The registration will allow the telecom and customs and revenue authority to track and block untaxed and stolen phones and tablets.

Control System (PCC) which is ready to restrict applications that are freely using the Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP).“Currently we own the technology but it doesn’t mean that we will immediately block top over applications that are utilizing our telecom infrastructure,” the CEO told The Reporter.

Countries like China opted to negotiate with the application owners and reached on an agreement for the latter to pay some percentage annually from its profit, Andualem explained.

“Therefore we have this option coupled with a bargaining power given that Ethio Teleom is the sole telecom service provider. If we couldn’t capitalize on this option, we will consider charging our customers,” the CEO said.This means that users of popular applications in Ethiopia like Viber and whatsApp will face extra charge while receiving and forwarding text, voice and video calls.

Source: AddisInsight