Derg, Asmera and the Soldiers in 1990/91 – Historic Video


The  (propaganda) documentary video produced by the Eritrean TV shows the last days of the Derg regime in 1990/91, former Ethiopian government and captured soldiers of the Derg.

Although narrated in Tigre language, the video contains snippets of Amharic language clippings.

It contains:

  • The speeches of Derg General Hussien
  • Interviews with some teenage soldiers of the Derg
  • Interviews with three Russian soldiers, who had been working for the Derg regime.
  • The fall of Eritrea/Asmera under the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF)

*Viewers discretion is advised. One can hear, perhaps excution gunshots, while one captured Ethiopian solider is being interviewed.