What do international users of Addis Abeba Airport say about the quality?



De Birhan

A recent encounter with an EU colleague, who used the Addis Abebe Airport as a fly over elicited this article. Travelers arriving, leaving or transiting via Addis Abeba, Ethiopia must pass via Ethiopia’s biggest Airport, Addis Abeba.

According to this colleague, the scenes and the services at the Airport are “chaotic and shameful” to say the least dis-reputing the international Ethiopian Airlines and the image of the country in general.

He said “people flying to Europe, USA or to the Middle East, checked in through the same door creating a congestion, delay and long queue. One had to wait for hours to check in and even in some cases miss flights. The manners and customer handling of armed securities at the Addis Abeba Airport was also below the standard. Not to mention the price of goods in the Airport”.

Based on this dissatisfied comments, I went to read the customers’ review of the Airport.

Airline Quality is one of the most popular websites to read the customer reviews of international Airports.

According to the latest results, the Airline Quality website, based of customer reviews, ranks the Airport Quality of Addis Abeba Airport 3/10. The Terminal Seating is given two stars, the Cleanliness is given three stars while the queuing times is given two stars.

The following comment by an Egyptian person on March 20, 2016, who used the Addis Abeba Airport surmises the above comment in short:

Egypt Arp

The next comment by a traveler from the U.S., who was in Addis Abeba Airport twice, ranks the overall quality 2/10.


There were also other passengers, who criticized about the unavailability of wifi and data functions. A passenger from the Netherlands had put this short but shocking message last year in October.


One common thread in the reviews of the Addis Abeba Airport is that the condition has been deteriorating in the past few years from worse to the worst. The source of the decadence, according to what our insiders of the Airport confided to us, is not due to anything but management and administrative problems. A management and administrative structure that is composed of individuals appointed based on their political and ethnic allegiances rather than merits.  An incapable and unskilled management tied by corruption, they claim.