Taxis in Addis Abeba Strike #AddisTaxiStrike puts city at standstill


Update: 1-3-2016

#AddisTaxiStrike, a strike being staged by Addis Abeba, Ethiopia’s capital, taxi drivers has continued for a second day today despite warning by transport authorities yesterday.

The strike has disrupted and affected public services and businesses in the often lively city turned into consecutive Sunday on Monday and Tuesday.

Diaspora based broadcast media have last night reported quoting some taxi drivers in Addis Abeba, who strongly vented out their anger and despair of the transport directives and abuse by traffic police officers.

This viral video of a young taxi driver in Addis Abeba shows a taxi driver, who was being penalized by a traffic police for a minor offence saying “Let alone work and eat, we cannot even live in this country. I am working under huge pressure and fear.” The traffic police then says “what you are saying is criminal”, the driver responds “Shall I tell you, I prefer to go to jail than live this life.”




The vibrant and busy African and Ethiopian capital city has been left at a stand still after taxi drivers in Addis Abeba stage a strike this morning, 29 February 2016. Despite a announcement on state media yesterday that the operationalisation of the new directive has been suspended for three months until “until taxi drivers are familiarized with it”, taxi drivers went on with the strike today. There are also reports that buses that travel to regional towns have also joined the strike disconnecting the capital from the regions. The strike is in response to a new directive introduced last week and could potentially disqualify drivers in few months. The directive introduces a penalty system where drivers, who recorded more than 21 points, would be disqualified from driving for three months. The strikers say the new directive has been implemented without consulting them or acquainting them about it and is unfair. Ethiopia is being rocked by large scale anti-government protests #OromoProtest in the Oromia region of the country and the addition of the #AddisTaxiStrike would add more pain in the neck of the ruling party that has been in power for 25 years now. Ethiopian netizens are reporting that many thousands of people have not been able to attend their offices today or arrived late affecting public services.  






The strikes have also included the outskirts of Addis Abeba such as Sendafa

Government transport buses have been struggling to carry passengers.

Traffic police in the city have been seen forcing the few taxi drivers out today to carry more passengers than the taxi’s normally do.

Some of these pictures have been collected from Facebook and Twitter posts:

The above flyer calls Addis Taxi drivers to hold the #AddisTaxiStrike on 29 and 1 March, 2016. 


A long queue of people is seen waiting for any type of transport.

These are now the types of taxis serving Addis today.

A large number of people return back to their homes after failing to find taxis.