Breaking News! ESAT reports Ethiopia moving forces near Eritrea



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Ethiopia Satellite Television (ESAT) has just reported that Ethiopia has started moving huge armed convoys and its armed forces near the Eritrean border.

The movement started yesterday. The forces are approaching from the Humera and Bademe fronts.

ESAT’s Sisay Agena, asked to analyse the reasons, said it is first of all due to the #OromoProtest that has rocked the nation thus aiming to distract attention by waging a war in the North.

Secondly, it is perhaps in response to reports last week that Eritrean bandits reportedly abducted hundreds of Tigreans in the North of Ethiopian border working on gold mining.

Sudan Tribune reported the News this week citing its own sources “a group of armed men allegedly dressed in Eritrean army uniforms crossed borders to Ethiopia and forcibly kidnapped over 80 young Ethiopian miners who were mining gold in Tigray regional state, kafta Humera.”

Watch the Video report HERE.