Now China moves to Ethiopian Media Sector: Ethiopia, China sign MoU on Media Cooperation


19 Jan 2016



Ethiopia and china signed on Monday a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on media cooperation that is intended to enhance media modernization, human development and experience sharing.

During the signing of the MoU, Government Communication Affairs Minister, Getachew Reda, said the Ethiopian media have a lot to learn from Chinese counterparts.

“We have already experienced an exemplary cooperation especially in capacity building,” the Minister recalled, adding that the Chinese News Agency Xinhua has for instance a close relationship with the Ethiopian News Agency.

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation also has some kind of rudimentary agreement with its Chinese counterpart, he stated, adding this needs to be enhanced further.

Working with media houses like CCTV with huge global coverage is important, the minister said.

“We need to promote the good image of the countr, our culture and our cooperation,” he said.

Chinese vice minister for state administration of press, publishing, film, radio and television, Tian Jin, on his part said China and Ethiopia have been enjoying good relations especially in communications affairs and this will be strengthened further.

Source: ENA

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