Gambella region of Ethiopia is now under the emergency rule of the Federal gov’t


January 30, 2016 

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A suspected ethnic conflict in the Gambella region, South West of Ethiopia, 777km from Addis Ababa, claimed the lives of many people from the members of the two main ethnic groups Nuer and Anuyak since Thursday. The severity and the scale of the conflict has now decapacitated the regional government, when Gambella is now under the direct rule of the Federal government as of yesterday, according to the Diaspora based Ethiopia ESAT Television. 

The Station also reported that South Sudanese refugees, who resided in the region and are believed to be supporters of the South Sudanese rebel leader Dr. Reik Macher are also involved in the conflict in the region.

Whereas Sudan Tribune reported  “He (Ethiopian official) said he suspected that a long time militia group from the Anyuak, who have been against the Ethiopian government and allegedly supported by the South Sudanese government could be behind the instigation.”

Gambella has been receiving successive media attention since 2003, when the first large scale ethnic conflict or “massacre” claimed the lives of hundreds of people from both ethnic groups.

The current regime of Ethiopia applies Ethnic Federalism in regional administration.