Eritrea affirms allegiance to Saudi Arabia, condemns attack in Tehran



The Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has today released a four line official statement stating its strategic allegiance to Saudi Arabia and condemning the attack against Saudi Embassy in Tehran, Iran last week following the former’s execution of an Iranian Shia cleric.

Eritrea’s Foreign Ministry noted that Eritrea has a ” strategic neighborly ties with Saudi Arabia.”

The statement further noted that it “condemns the violation perpetuated against the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tehran.”

The statement is explicitly condemning Iran and officially reaffirming that Eritrea is camping with Saudi Arabia rather than the Iranian block.

Three  years ago, Starfor, the global intelligence agency had reported that Israel and Iran were both holding military bases in Eritrea on the shore of the Red Sea. Especially, Iran’s advance and politico-economic ties with Eritrea had been reported since 2011.

In June 2015, Yemen’s exiled government accused Iran of using Eritrea’s Red Sea islands to support the Houthi rebels, according to an Egyptian News website. The claims were soon rejected by Eritrea.

In November 2015, however, Saudi Arabia and Eritrea signed security and military agreement on fighting terrorism, illegal trade and piracy in the Red Sea, when Eritrea’s Isayas Afeworki traveled to Saudi Arabia for the talks.

Today’s official statement by Eritrea reveals that the country has re-aligned itself with Saudi Arabia indirectly becoming a U.S. ally once again via Saudi Arabia and standing to fight the Houti rebels in Yemen.