US’s UN Ambassador urges Ethiopian regime to restrain crackdown on protestors


Dec.18, 2015

One of US government’s senior figure, Samanta Power, United States’ Ambassador to the United Nations, has urged the Ethiopian government to restrain its crackdown on demonstrators.

The Ambassador on her twitter post also called on the Ethiopian government to immediately decrease the tension.


On another post, Power also indicated her concern regarding the use of rhetoric by the Ethiopian Prime Minister regrading the protesters and actions to follow.

The protest by Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromos, now dubbed as #Oromoprotests has resulted in the death of scores of people including university students.

BBC reported yesterday that the actions of the government could escalate into a “brutal crackdown”.

The government accused the protesters as “terrorists” and collaborating with foreign terror groups.  The Ethiopain government, famous for charging dissenters as terrorists, has also charged our co-blogger Zelalem Workagegenhu and his two friends locking them behind for 528 days now with no justice.