From North to South: Ethiopian regime faced with largest protest, violence since 2005


December 15, 2015


The Ethiopian regime is faced with one of its most troubling times since the 2005 post election violence. In the North  Gonder, ethnic clashes and uprising against the government has left scores dead and wounded.

The following strong presser by the president of the Amhara regional states allowing security forces to take “any needed measure”  is a testimony to the severity and scale of the problem.

Similarly, Ethiopia’s Oromia region, the towns and universities are experiencing a large scale street protest. The initial cause is said to be the expansion of the Addis Abeba City Master Plan feared to displace Oromo farmers in the environs. University students started it but it spread across all sections of the regional society raising more rights related questions across the region and the Country.

Ethiopian regime’s security forces have killed scores of people so far, government sources say at least five

died so far when opposition groups say up to 50 people died so far. In prime-time News tonight, the Ethiopian Anti Terror Task Force framed the protests as “terror” and noted that the Ethiopian Defense Forces have been deployed to take the “legal and appropriate actions”.

The following Press Release also tells how the government is worried of this enormous protest and violence the country did not witness for some 10 years now.

There have been reports of burning of courts and police stations, removal of local administrations by protesters, businesses owned by the ruling EPRDF were targeted and public services demolished.

This is also one of the very few times the Defense Forces were deployed to contain and quell protesters in addition to the special commando of Agazai and the Federal Police Force.