Ethiopia building a first in history houses for retired senior gov’t officials worth 25Mil. each



The Addis Abeba based Sheger FM 102, has just reported  quoting Tekletsadik Teklearegay, the Manager of Federal Government Offices Construction Project, that Ethiopia is building a first in history  houses for retired  senior gov’t officials worth 25 million each. Currently, as part of the first phase six mansions are being built for the president and other senior ministers near CMC area of Addis Abeba.

The  houses are ground plus two, contain swimming pools and other state of the art facilities.

The total cost of all the houses to be built would finally cost the tax payer 154 million birr and the retried officials would own the houses forever.

The area would be referred to as “Officials’ Estate”.

Tekletsadik said the proclamation allows for the building of such houses for retiring Ethiopian government officials.

Federal Government Offices Construction Projects had recently also announced that it will build offices for 42 of the 137 federal institutions in the next five years with the first year of construction expected to cost 521.6 million birr.

The former Ethiopian president now lives in a mansion in Addis Abeba that costs the Ethiopian tax payer  400,000 birr per month.

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