Veteran Ethiopian journalist Mulugeta Lule suddenly dies in the U.S.


October 04, 2015

By Tedla, De Birhan

Diaspora based Ethiopian media outlets including ESAT, where has been working recently, reported that the veteran Ethiopian journalist, Mulugeta Lulie has suddenly died. Other websites have reported that Mulugeta has been socializing with his friends last night but was found dead in his home today Sunday October 4, 2015.


The veteran journalist had worked during the times of Emperor Haile Selassie within the Ministry of Information and later when the Derg regime came to power worked the the Editor In Chief of the  Serto Ader Newspaper.

Mulugeta Lule,  founded and edited Tobia Newspaper and Magazine in 1992 under his publishing company Atbia Kokeb Publishing and Advertising Company ( AKPAC) before leaving to the United States in 1996, where here resided since. He had also worked as the Vice President of the Ethiopian Free Press Journalists’ Association for five years. Before he left Ethiopia in 1996, he was arrested a number of times by the securities of the current regime.

In 2007, he founded the Ethiopian Television Network (ETN), which comprised broadcast of news and political analysis, educational programs and entertainment recorded mostly in Amharic and is transmitted via satellite to Ethiopian expatriates in North America until it was closed down a year later due to financial problems.

Ethiopian Millennials know Mulugeta for his witty and analytical discussions on ESAT TV.

The seasoned journalist also had diplomatic experience. Often during his discussions and analyses on ESAT Television, he refereed to his educational experiences in Russia.

De Birhan wishes to convey its condolences to Mulugeta’s family and relatives.