Special Envoys and Mediators Retreat in Windhoek to discuss how Africa defines terrorism/sts


Counter Terrorism and Peace Operations to highlight Special Envoys and Mediators Retreat in Windhoek

October 21, 2015


WINDHOEK, Namibia- Africa’s response to terrorism and its impact on peace operations are expected to be one of the highlights of the 6th Annual Retreat of Special Envoys and Mediators on the Promotion of Peace, Security, and Stability will kick off in Windhoek, Namibia on the 21st and 22nd of October 2015.

Organised every year by the Commission of the African Union (AU), the retreat aims at strengthening collaboration and coordination among international stakeholders involved in the promotion of peace on the continent. This year’s retreat will seek to define and approach terrorism in the African context, examine non-military responses like mediation in dealing with terrorism, and arrive at the development of a more comprehensive multilateral counter-terrorism agenda for Africa.

The two-day session begins by reflecting on the African experience of using the word ‘terrorist’ and being labeled ‘terrorist’. As well as defining the term, the session will provide an in-depth description and analysis of the recent trends and development in order to contextualise the nature of terrorism in Africa and its root causes. This session will be followed by another one examining the issues surrounding the politisation of faith and the growth of violent extremism and intolerance.

The second day three sessions on the global fight against terrorism and peace processes in Africa, negotiating an end to terrorist insurgencies, and a final session that plants a roadmap towards a multilateral policy on counter-terrorism based on African experiences and lessons learned.

On the occassion of the retreat, the African Union is expected to honour former Namibian president Sam Nujoma and Maria Ruth Neto with the Sons and Daughters for the Promotion of Peace and Security award in a gala dinner.