Detained opposition official in hospital after falling seriously ill


October 13, 2015

Habtamu Ayalew, the PR Head of the De funct opposition faction of Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) party, who has been detained since July 8, 2015, is in Zewditu Hospital, Addis Abeba, after he has fallen seriously ill.

The cause of the illness and his current condition is unknown because police are guarding the room he is being hospitalized.

According to sources, Habtamu has reportedly been diagnosed overnight with “kidney stones.”

Habtamu Ayalew, charged under the file of De Birhan Blog’s co-blogger Zelalem Workagenegu, was acquitted by the Higher Court on August 20, 2015 although the prisons have not released him until today citing “prosecutor’s appeal” as the reason.

A father of a baby girl, Habtamu was the founder and leader of  the Visionary Youth Association before joining the opposition camp.