An Eritrean opposition EFDM Website claims Ethiopia is to target Eritrean sites

976, the Website of the Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement (EFDM) has recently put up the following report written in Arabic language claims that Ethiopia is reinforcing its Defense Forces near the border and could soon take targeted measures.

The report has been Electronically translated thus there could be some awkward sentences.

Newsflash Eritrea in the situation on the brink of explosion

Posted by: Editor  October 1, 2015

We received from our sources in the Ethiopian Eritrean border region, that the Ethiopian government has mobilized its military forces in large numbers along the border with Eritrea, and that Ortala of the army and armor and gear are ready which is on high alert, waiting for the whistle tee, the source reports that the Ethiopian Prime Minister.

In the past few days as seems to have been put into practice, and the days and probably the next few hours is expected to witness a raid on a military strategic importance within Eritrean territory sites, based on the above statement, the rules and stores of weapons and gold mines and all with military value targets and yield economic system Eritrean will be destroyed according to the targets set for the process of the upcoming discipline.

On the other hand, the federal traffic sources reported that the Eritrean regime head held an emergency meeting of military officials and told them that Ethiopia is about to run in a new war with Eritrea. But he added that the process may be limited to air strikes from the weapon Ethiopian air on military targets inside the country, and it seems that military strikes are imminent and that the Eritrean whole scene on the verge of a major surprises probably were not taken into account.