Ethiopia’s first Live Facebook New Year concert is on; Teddy Afro sings


September 11, 2015

Ethiopians are holding the first ever Live New Year concert on Facebook on the eve of Ethiopia’s New Year 2008. Ethiopia has its own calendar and tomorrow will be September 1, 2008 in Ethiopia.

The story of the concert goes like this…Ethiopia’s young music star Teddy Afro aka Tewodros Kassahun often holds his own New Year’s eve concerts in Ethiopia. The controversial artists seen by many of his aficionados and fans as an idol and role model, who spent two years in prison before he was released in 2010 and continues to experience different forms of pressures and hardships, however, has been unable to hold his concert this year. Before the artist announced the main reason why his concert is not being held this year, various media outlets have reported that his concert is not going to go on as planned due to what they called “lack of sponsorship”.

Teddy on September 5, 2015 came out and posted this short message on his Facebook page,

Dear fans and friends, we would like to sorrily state that despite our huge efforts, the New Year concert that was set to be held in Lafto Mall, Addis Abebba is not going to take place because we have not obtained the permission from the concerned department. With the help of God, we would however do our best, if we succeed, to organize another concert for the celebration of the finding of the true Cross.

The “concerned department” phrase in his message was obviously telling that Teddy Afro has been systematically prevented by the authorities. Infuriated fans, later got together and came up with the idea of organizing Teddy Afro’s Live Music Concert on Facebook by playing his songs on a Youtube streamline created for this purpose The Link to the Concert is HERE!

A poster designed for the Facebook Concert by his fans 

The idea is about giving him a platform to sing when he has been technically denied any place to stage his concert in Ethiopia.

The concert is now on and will finish tomorrow morning on Facebook.

Recently, it has been reported that the artist has been denied exit from Ethiopia, his passport has been confiscated and faces open surveillance and botheration.

In addition to his singing, lyrical and humanitarian qualities that make him stand out, he is famous for singing about sensitive issues such as lack of change in the country’s history, the relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea, former Ethiopian emperors.

Tonight, the government is organizing a state sponsored “developmental concert”, Teddy Afro has not signed up to play in this concert. He has never taken part in any government or the tycoon Mohammed Al Amoudi organised and sponsored holy day concerts.

Ethiopian journalist Dereje Habtewold, just after the cancellation of Teddy Afro’s concert was made public wrote on his Facebook wall “in order to hold Teddy Afro’s online concert his fans have started changing their profile pictures and posting his songs on their walls. ..this means the aim of those who banned Teddy Afro’s concert has become futile and Teddy’s aim has won.”

Ethiopian Facebook users and the artists fans are now playing, posting, sharing and dedicating Teddy Afro’s songs on Facebook and Twitter.

The entrance fee is Free!