Ethiopian Muslim Arbitration Committee Members sentenced between 7 to 22 years after 3 years arrest, Dimtsachen Yisema says struggle moves to a “different chapter”.



The Ethiopian Federal High Court Fourth Criminal Bench after passing a guilty verdict on July 6, 2015 on eighteen defendants including four  leaders of the Ethiopian Muslim Arbitration Committee , a journalist (Yesuf Getachew) and thirteen others on terrorism and incitement charges,has today sentenced them between seven to 22 years of imprisonment.

After the verdict Dimtsachen Yisema, which has been the voice of the Committee members, said the decision moves the struggle to a “different chapter.”

Twenty nine prisoners were detained and charged on Oct. 29th 2012 . A large community of Ethiopian Muslims have been protesting across the Country before and after the arrest of their representatives. The protests have so far been peaceful and nonviolent in the Country that has one of the largest Muslim population in Africa.

Accordingly,  Uztaz Abubeker Ahmed, Ahemedin Jebel, Yasin Nuru and Kemil Shemsu have been sentenced to 22 years jail.

Bedru Hussien, Sabir Yirgu, Mohamed Abate, Abubeker Alemu and Munir Hussien have been jailed for 18 years.

Shekih Mekete Muhe, Ahmed Mustefa, Shekih Seid Ali, Mubarek Adem and Kalid Ibrahim to 15 years jail.

Murad Shekur, Nuru Turku, Shekih Bahiru Umar and journalist Yusuf Getachew have been sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

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