A statement by released journalist Reeyot “To all those who stood by me when I was in prison”


It is with great humility and appreciation that I convey my gratitude to all who protested and condemned my incarceration by the EPRDF Government which is known worldwide for trampling on freedom of the press and human rights, and demanded my unconditional release. I would like to thank those international and local Media for being with me in my darkest days.

Special thanks goes to UNSECO , IWMF, Media Legal Defense Initiative, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, CPJ, Pen International , Doha freedom center, Article 19 and countless organization whose championship of my incarceration helped expose the cross dictatorship prevailing in Ethiopia. I am also very appreciative of the steadfast commitment shown by those individuals who made my release their case like Martin shibbye, Prof. Alemayehu G.mariam, Ana Gomez, Nani Jansen, Christian Amanpour and so many others.

Though the harsh conditions under which I was kept some times incommunicado, precipitated in the deterioration of my health, I came out morally unscathed and even more resolved to do everything within my power in the cause of democracy, particularly freedom of the press in my country.
My thoughts go out to my so many compatriots and compatriots and comrades who are suffering in Ethiopian jails for no reason other than expressing their views and advocating democracy. I urge all Ethiopians and all people who abhor injustice to work tirelessly for their release.

I thank you all again

Reeyot Alemu

23 July 2015