Empathy for the Easily Frightened – a nice ode on Monday


June 29, 2015

Empathy for the Easily Frightened

Wowwww you scare me.
You make me shiver like stage fright,
and shake like the shore beaten waves,
You are like bruises on pale skin that perfectly match my lipstick,
You are the strongest buildings I’ve seen and I’m standing on top,
Deciding if I’ll let you fall for me.

You scare me.
Your confidence is like foreign lands that I dream about but can’t reach,
Yet you are trying to find me a home there,
You speak your mind,
you don’t stutter and you don’t over think anything,
You build walls around thoughts,
because you know you’re right,
and you’re not afraid of the dark.

You scare me with threats of comfort and ease,
‘no tricks just us’ you plea,
you are asking me to love you but you are shaking,

You don’t scare easily,
yet I scare you.

By PoetPlease