Kim Il Sung’s Feats Praised by Personages of Guinea, Ethiopia, Angola


Pyongyang, March 24 (KCNA) — Lectures and round-table talks took place in Guinea, Ethiopia and Angola on March 17 and 18 with the approach of the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung (the Day of the Sun).

The commander of the First Commando of Almami Samori Toure Barracks of the Guinean Army in a lecture said:

President Kim Il Sung was a great revolutionary who devoted all his life to the prosperity of the country and the cause of global independence.

The President indicated the way for mankind to follow just as the sun shines the world and built the flower garden of love for the people to embrace them all.

Thanks to the President who devoted his all to the people, the most popular policies have been enforced in the DPR of Korea.

The world people were deeply impressed by his noble personality and kindness.

He will live forever as the sun in the hearts of mankind.

The vice-director of an Ethiopian hospital said:

The Day of the Sun is the most important holiday not only for the Korean people but also for the world progressives.

The President was a great thinker and theoretician and philosopher.

His works are an encyclopedia indicating a bright way not only for the Korean people but also for the progressive mankind.

I wish the Korean people bigger successes in their drive for building a thriving nation and achieving the independent and peaceful reunification of the country.

The head of the special project room of the Presidency of Angola highly praised the sacred revolutionary career and undying exploits of the President who devoted his all to the happiness of the people, regarding it as his motto to believe in the people as in Heaven.