Two Ethiopians Gunned Down in Durban, South Africa


February 11, 2015

By Ayanda Mhlongo |

The community of Inchanga, west of Durban, is reeling with shock after the gruesome murder of two foreign nationals killed last night. Ethiopian brothers  Getechaw Paulos (32) and Deselegn Daniel (30) were attacked in their tuck shop by a group of armed men who stole their cell phones, money, goods and used their car as a get-away vehicle.

Both were shot execution-style. A large pool of blood bears testimony to the gruesome murder. Blood spatter from the victims is painted on the walls and groceries on the shelves. It was a heart breaking sight for their brother Eshetu Zewde who could not hold back the tears.

Zewde says he will continue to operate his tuck shop that he also operates in the area.

“I am feeling so bad and shocked and I don’t even know how I am going to tell my family. It’s so hard for me,” says their brother Zwede.

Community members say the brothers were kind hearted people. Neighbours say they had a good relationship with the two men. “We got on so well with even if you were short, they would never chase us away. You always got what you wanted,” says a neighbour. The community called for swift action from the police.

Government has condemned the attack and says it’s not related to xenophobic but rather opportunistic crimes.

The MEC for Community Safety and Liaison, Willis Mchunu, suspects that this attack is not motivated by xenophobia but pure criminality. Mchunu says all business leaders need to communicate their grievances.

“What we are encouraging is dialogue all the time where we have seen these attacks. Our struggle has been combination of facility dialogue were they are claims of illegality by foreign nationals we are encouraging business people to use that correct approach, talk to police, department of community safety and liaison or government in general.”

Mchunu says “It is very disturbing, obviously criminals will latch onto anything that will have a cover for their activities but in this instance we have identified the problem as emanating from competition for business”.

The bodies will be sent back to Ethiopia.

Source: SABC News