Blue Party’s Chairman Yilkal meets EU reps, calls them to take measures on Ethiopian regime


August 12, 2014

Engineer Yilkal Getnet, the Chairman of the opposition Semayawi (Blue) Party has spoken with the representatives of 20 European Union (EU) member countries in Addis Abeba, the Party said in its press release.

After giving explanations of the current situations in Ethiopia, Yilakl called on the EU to take ” measures before it goes into worst problems.” In the meeting that was Chaired by Ms Barbra, said that the ruling EPRDF has chosen to repress instead of taking any chances in the upcoming election.

He asserted the Ethiopian people would only consider them as lovers of the ruling Front rather than the Ethiopian people for they kept quiet when Ethiopian bloggers, politicians, activists and many others are being imprisoned also criticizing them for their support of the regime for their mere regional geopolitical interests.

Asked by the representatives what the EU can do, the Chairman said “You would have brought big change had you taken a fraction of the actions you took against Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe” and urged them to take immediate actions.