Andargachew still not visited even a week after UK summons gov’t diplomat


August 11, 2014

De Birhan News

Andargachew Tsige before and after arrest

The British national, Andargachew Tsige, who is also critical opponent of the Ethiopian regime and Secretary General of the Ginbot 7 Movement, is still being held incommunicado and has not been visited or given any consular service even after the British Minister for Foreign Office summoned the Ethiopian diplomat to his office last week, sources indicate. Sources within the Movement and local media outlets have said that Andargachew is still being “tortured  and held incommunicado in an unknown place”.

On Monday August 4, 2014, Britain had summoned one of Ethiopia’s  diplomats in London to meet Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds, who expressed “deep concern” that Andargachew had not been granted access to the British consulate and asked the chargé to urge his government to “deliver on previous commitments to provide consular access without further delay, and to provide assurances that they do not intend to carry out the death penalty imposed in absentia,”

The Ethiopian authorities have given no ear to the calls made by Minister Simmonds so far. The source says “unless the UK governments begins to take some diplomatic and politic-economic actions, the Ethiopian authorities would not cease torturing, denying him visitation, consular access and even executing the death penalty”.

Ethiopian Diaspora media outlets are also now reporting that the Ethiopian securities along with defecting, infiltrating and sacked members of Ginbot 7, who had worked with Andargachew before they left his Movement, are now torturing Andargachew forcing him to reveal and admit what he/they had said in meetings and discussions.

The State owned TV, ETV, and security officials are also producing a documentary by interrogating Andargachew. His former “colleagues that had ‘betrayed the Movement’ are also reportedly set to appear as witnesses against him.

De Birhan has also learnt that several people including young university students are being detained across the Country in an alleged link with Andargachew and his Movement.