Opposition membership quadruples after Andargachew’s arrest


July 13, 2014

Anadargachew Tsegie in the U.S. attending a meeting

Sources within the Ethiopian opposition movement, Ginbot 7, have said that membership and applications for membership have quadrupled since the kidnap and arrest of its leader Andargachew Tsige, long time freedom activist and Secretary General of Ginbot 7.

Andargachew was kidnapped from Sanaa airport while on transit by Yemeni officials and was given to Ethiopian securities in spite of his  U.K. citizenship and former political sentences.

So many people including prominent figures have applied to join the Movement. These include people both inside and outside of Ethiopia. The phone calls on how, where and when to join and help has also unbelievably quadrupled, the source said.

Meanwhile, the Movement along with Ethiopians living around the globe and concerned organs  has beefed up its pressure on the British government to process the release of their citizen, Andargachew and also offer him counselor and legal assistance.

The whereabouts of Andargachew in Ethiopia and his current condition is unknown. The Ethiopia regime has defied calls from all sides including the U.K. government to be given an access to the prominent political  activist.

“I am dismayed by how the West treats or expresses its concern for its naturalized citizens. Andargachew should not even have spent a single day in a foreign prison as he is a citizen of the U.K. and deserves to be treated the same way similar cases have been dealt with. He belongs to a country that has had a cordial relationship and huge economic and political leverage” said a Sweden based Ethiopian activist.

Infuriated by the kidnap of Andargachew and what has transpired since then, many Ethiopians and organisations are deliberating on how to “take action.”