Andargachew Tsige’s longer interrogation aired on State Tv; a mournful cry of another prisoner is heard during the interview


July 28, 2014

The Ethiopian regime’s state Tv Station, ETV, has aired the longer version Andargachew Tsige’s interrogation interview yesterday. A mournful cry of another person, possibly a prisoner being tortured, is heard in the background of his interview from the 50th second to the 2nd minute. The change of Andargachew’s facial look is visible as the cry of the person becomes more audible and louder. The presenter in this eight minute interview and report claims that Ethiopian securities had apprehended Andargachew along with his personal laptop, flash disks, external hard drive and other computer accessories.  The TV presenter even boasts that Andargachew was “forced to reveal the passwords”. Shortly after that he is heard listing the passwords on the TV screen, which were also subtitled. The interview was a jumbled copy and paste of likely more than two interviews. Andargachew’s interview had little coherence and made little sense as it was more of a mixture of bits cut and produced to suit the interrogators and the securities agenda.

Andargachew Tsige is the Secretary General of the Ginbot 7 Movement and political activist, who was kidnapped by Yemeni securities from Sanaa International Airport while waiting in transit and was given to Ethiopian regime on June 23, 20914.  He is an Ethiopian-British citizen.