Andargachew Tsige is detained in DebreZeit Air Force Base; being tortured thrice a day



July 26, 2014

Andargachew Tsige, the Secretary General of the Ginbot 7 Movement, who was abducted by Yemeni and Ethiopian securities from Sanaa Aiport on June 23, 2014, has been detained inside a small room in the DebreZeit Air Force Base since June 25th, ESAT’s sources reported. He is undergoing unspeakable level of torture every day.

ESAT has learnt from different sources that Andargachew was heavily beaten during the first 10 days of his imprisonment. After the 10 days, he is being injected torture needles and electric shocked to divulge information and secrets.

The investigators want Andargachew to confess the names of serving Ethiopian government officials and military officials that work with his Movement. However, he has not revealed any information and the investigators were seen “irritated”.

The investigators, who normally smile as they leave the investigation room upon finding a piece of information, were not seen pleased, said that sources that follow the issue closely.

Andargachew is being investigated three times a day by few selected security officers of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Trainee pilots that hail from other ethnic groups are not even allowed to pass through that area of the premises. The night shift security officers are saddened by the mournful cry of Anargachew that they hear every night, said the sources.

They say the only way to know Andargachew’s daily condition is to look at the faces of the investigating officers “who have so far not showed a happy face”.

The EPRDF government has not been willing to reveal where Andargachew is arrested. Although British officials have pleaded the Ethiopian government to allow them to visit and offer consular service to Andargachew, they have been repeatedly rejected.

In a related report, EPRDF has deployed various people to participate on a new drama that it is producing on Ginbot 7 some of whom include TPLF spies that had infiltrated Ginbot 7 and later defected back to Ethiopia when discovered by the Movement, and other detained individuals who are allegedly arrested for “plotting to explode grenades”.

The Front’s securities have also upped the defence in the borders frightened by the reactions of the Ethiopian people after Andargachew was kidnapped and forcibly transferred to Ethiopia.

Ginbot 7 had indicated that the number of new members joining the Movement has increased following Andargachew’s arrest.

Similarly, Ethiopians residing in Belgium have protested outside the European Union Consular Office condemning the arrest of Andargachew Tsige and asking the British government to “seriously follow Andargachew’s case”.

Source: ethsat