An Eritrean Website reports the arrest of several Eritrean officers


June 2, 2014

The Arabic language Eritrean opposition website Adoulis has reported the mass arrest by Special Special Unit of the rapid reaction forces , led by the Major General Filipos Yohannes , Commander in Chief of the General Staff Military.
The arrests included more than 30 officers holding various ranks in the special border guards led by Brigadier Teclai Manjus until last April.The last of these arrests included Fezom Wedi Mmehr deputy commander of the training center , and an official Students Affairs, compulsory military service , and the former deputy commander of the naval forces. Others mentioned in the repor include Major Girmai Msagna Director of the Office of General Kvlom, taken in on Monday, May 5th , and a week before the arrest of the recruiter / Mohammed Idriss. Information pertaining human trafficking from neighboring country is mentioned in the report.

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