The Faces of #Ethiopia’s April 2009 Coup ‘Plot’!


This month five years ago, in April 2009, the Ethiopian government rounded up 35 serving, retired army and civilian Ethiopians on suspicion of plot to coup. Their names remained secret for about a month but the secret arrests continued.

They were charged of being supported by an Ethiopian Professor who teaches at an American University and leads the new Ginbot 7 political movement, Dr. Berhanu Nega and plotting various ‘anti-peace plans’.

After months of trial 46 people (14 in absentia) were convicted and most including the people in the pictures and the leaders of Ginbot 7, were sentenced to life in prison and death respectively!

The lady in the middle Emawayesh Alemu (pictured), a mother of one, had recounted in the court that her breasts were whipped by wire by prison guards who forced her to admit plotting to coup. She along with other many is now languishing in the Ethiopian gulag, remembered by no media, rights group or visitors!

All the 46 but two had denied the charges!