Ethiopians in Kuwait deeply worried



March 20, 2014

Ethiopian migrant workers in Kuawit are deeply concerned about their safety after the country’s lawmakers have supported the deportation of Ethiopian housemaids working in Kuwait after tensions rose following the alleged killing of a daughter of a Kuwaiti official last week by an Ethiopian housemaid.

Although her main reason for allegedly committing the killing is not known; those who follow the issue closely say it is “revenge.” Ethiopians residing in Kuwait say she committed the murder to revenge “a rape act committed on herself by the son of her employer.’’ The deceased was reportedly a daughter of a senior Kuwaiti lawmaker.

Although the Kuwaiti government has not officially said anything so far, lawmakers and some officials are calling for the deportation of Ethiopians from their country.

A lady, who claims to be the aunt of the deceased, has slaughtered one of her four Ethiopian housemaids to revenge the blood of her relative, according to a photograph supported information sent by Ethiopians residing there.

The Ethiopians residing in Kuwait said to ESAT that they are not able to leave their houses, and that they could be arrested or revenged if they go out of their residences.

They have beseeched the Ethiopian government to immediately intervene and help relax the current tension. They have called their Ethiopian compatriots in the Diaspora to follow the issue closely.

ESAT’s attempt to speak with Kuwaiti officials has not been successful.

Source : ESAT TV